Cheeseburger In Paradise

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Cheeseburger In Paradise, in a bar blog ? I know what your thinking, it’s a chain restaurant, not a typical bar. However, they do have a full bar inside, and yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, and they had great specials, so I decided it was as good a place as any to write my final blog about.

Located in Secaucus, NJ, Cheeseburger In Paradise (700 Plaza Drive) is generally known for its delicious food, but since I’m a borracho I decided to talk about the alcohol. Cinco de Mayo is just another reason to party and get drunk, and while some people feel their too cool for it, I embrace it. Usually free to get in, there was a $10 cover (bastards), and by 7pM the line was about 2 blocks to get in (crazy packed).

They made it a good atmosphere, they cleared a lot of the tables away and even had a DJ in there to let the crowd dance like it was a club. They had a great happy hour selection, $4 margaritas and $10 pitchers of beer. Can’t go wrong with that. With the weather being awesome, the outdoor section was pretty popping as well, felt like a down the shore kinda club in Secaucus for a night.

Ratings (out of 5 shots)

Cheeseburger In Paradise….. 4 shots (Big place, good food, great happy hour, would’ve been a perfect 5 shots if there was no cover)



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It’s late Thursday night (early Friday morning for you sticklers) and me and a few friends of mine are staying at the Empire Hotel in NYC. The plan was to hang out at their amazing roof top bar, but sadly it was closed. Now, being that it’s 3AM, and we finished most of our booze from the hotel party, we decided to finally venture out into the city to interact with other people.

Enter Clandestino (35 Canal Street).

I’ve been here a few times on random Monday and Tuesday nights, so I knew they were open late. Mind you, its 3AM, but guess what, old faithful was open till 4, what a hit !

So we take the drive over to Canal Street, the bar itself is kind of small, but the convenience of being open so late during the weekdays more then makes up for the size. Prices really weren’t that bad for an NYC bar, and the bartender was very friendly, and played music straight from her ITunes (she had great taste in music btw)

I definitely recommend this place for the late night crowd.

Ratings (out of 5 shots)

Clandestino……… 3 1/2 shots (Place is best suited for late night drinks because the place is small)

York Street Tavern.

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One of my favorite bars in Jersey City is York Street Tavern. (247 Washington Street). It’s a very nice place, always very clean, and has a few tables set up outside so it’s perfect for warm weather boozing. Drinks are about normal prices, but they have so many different happy hour deals, you can spend a day there, get a bunch of drinks and not break the bank.

Their food their is also pretty good, and the service is on point. I’ve been in there on so many different occasions, from a Monday at 5pm, to a Friday at 11pm, and no matter what the place always seems to be packed. Their karaoke nights are also fun, especially considering that no matter how big the group, for every song you sing, you get a free shot.


Ratings (out of 5 shots)

York Street Tavern………. 4 shots

Helmers Restaurant

•April 1, 2011 • 1 Comment

Taking a walk down Washington Street, you see plenty of bars and restaurants. I’ve tried many of them (makes me seem like such a borracho), and then I came across Helmers Restaurant(1036 Washington Street). I was attracted to it mainly because 1) I’ve never been there before and 2) since its glass windows and you can see inside, I saw a beautiful girl sitting at the bar(got rejected by the way).

I go inside, very nice, and since its a restaurant it has plenty of tables and booths. Very comfortable, and since it’s a German place, they have a very creative beer list (they even have a das boot!).

I tried the Hofbrau Dunkel Black Beer (not good) and the Wehenstephan Weiss (very good). Price is a little more then I hoped for at $10 a beer. Only other time I pay $10 for a beer is in Bier Garden in Jersey City, but at least there they give you a pretty big mug, at Helmers its a normal sized mug.

All in all, it’s a good place to go if you haven’t tried it before, but it’s a little expensive for me, I do recommend eating there though, as I ordered a steak ($25, ouch) and it was very good. Steak and beer, good way to spend an afternoon.


Ratings (out of 5 shots)

Helmers Restaurant…… 3 shots (would’ve been higher if the prices were a little cheaper)

Abbey’s Pub

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What can I say about this place, other then it’s one of my favorite bars in Jersey City. Abbey’s Pub (409 Monmouth St) is a small, comfortable spot that also has tables outside for when the weather is nice. Inside it has two rooms, one with a pool table inside. Drinks are cheap ($6 car bombs !) and the food they have tastes similar to restaurant food.

Also, I’m not really a fan of Hookah, but they have it available inside which is pretty legit. Your also allowed to smoke cigs inside, and since most places don’t let you do that, Abbey’s gets major points for that.

Staffs friendly, they have a few TVs over the bar that always has a game on, and for being a decent sized bar, the way the seats and tables are set up it holds a lot of people.

Ratings (out of 5 shots)

Abbey’s Bar & Grill……… 4 shots (Always a fun time at Abbeys)




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Late Thursday afternoon, around dinner time, most people would be either at a restaurant or home to enjoy their supper, but on my way home from a friends house, I came across the Corkscrew Bar & Grill. (61 Congress St) First thing that caught my attention was their promotional sign that boasted about having the “best burger in Jersey City”.  I’m a big burger guy, so I decided to give it a shot.

I’m not a big fan of blue cheese, but this is supposedly the best burger so I felt I couldn’t make any changes to it. To my surprise, the sign didn’t lie, it really was the best burger in Jersey City.  For $6, it was definitely a good decision to try it out.

As for the actual bar, it was a good size, friendly crowd with a pool table and one of those punching bag machines that rate how hard you punch. $5 for a rum and coke and $3 for a Budweiser is my kind of place. I definitely recommend this place for the locals, and to anyone that wants a good burger.

Ratings (out of 5 shots)

Corkscrew Bar & Grill………. 3 1/2 shots

Bayonne, Bayonne, Bayonne..

•February 25, 2011 • 1 Comment

First off, let me say that I absolutely hate the city of Bayonne. I hate being there, the only reason for me to go there is to see my beautiful goddaughter. With that being said, after a visit to my cousins house to see him and the baby, I decided to see how the bars are in this dreadful town. Big mistake.

First bar of the night was “The Rock” (206 Broadway Ave). Went in, small place, but it did have a pool table.  No music was played, as the only 6 or so people sitting at the bar were attached to watching MTVs “Jersey Shore” (how annoying  is Sammie btw). My friend and I decided to stay until one commercial break, ordered one 7&7. My friend wanted a Magners or Woodpecker, but this supposed Irish bar didn’t have them (what Irish bar doesn’t have at least one of them!?) so he settled for a Corona. Only  good thing was the prices, it was very cheap. $5 for a 7&7 (sprite was flat tho so it was nasty) and $3 for a Corona. One drink each, decided to go to another bar to get a real feel of the Bayonne night life.

Next up was “Liquid” (269 Broadway Ave). This place was a lot nicer inside, had a lot of potential to be a nice spot. Only problem was there was nobody inside. Literally, not one person inside, not even the bartender. She was outside smoking a cigarette.

Finally, we decided to go to try one more bar in this town, and if it was anything like the first two places, we we’re just going to go back to good ol’ Jersey City. Thats when we ran into “Pair Of Jacks” (812 Broadway Ave). Place was small, but at least this place had more then 6 people in it. Also, this place had Woodpeckers (finally). Drinks were reasonable($8 for a 7&7, $3 for beers) but even this place was playing Jersey Shore. Midway through the episode, they muted it and started playing music.

Overall, for a Thursday night, the bars in Bayonne should have been a lot more packed then it was, thankfully we found that last spot or the night would’ve been a total disaster.

Ratings (out of 5 shots)

– The Rock……  1 and a 1/2 shot

– Liquid… 1/2 shot (had potential, just empty inside)

– Pair Of Jacks…. 2 shots (best bar of the night, but it’s still a Bayonne bar so that doesn’t say much)